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Here are some frequently asked questions about DCC command station TCS.

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When will it be released first beta version?

The first working HW and SW will be released around start of year 2017. This version it will be only for VIP. When I see interest from you, then you are VIP. More information about it you can get from Facebook, newsletter and on webpage


Is it possible connect DCC booster with this command station?

Yes, it is.


Has it DCC command station occupancy detection S88?

For occupancy detection is in plan lot of buses, but first of them is S88.


I prefer physical throttles instead of smartphone.

We are working on XpressNet bus for connecting physical throttles like ROCO MultiMAUS. For other people, we are planing own throttle with own bus.


What about model railway layout on the screen of tablet and making way for trains.

It is in plan for tablets with Android.


What do you want change in actual DCC command station TCS? I want less price.

This is real answer from some people. But I didn’t tell anything about price. I am thinking about free HW (schematic and board) and free firmware. I don’t know about application for Android.




Have you got any questions?

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